Wildlife Protection Services NZ

Rodent Detection Dog Service

With detection dog work, clients are sent a contract guide on what to expect from the service, responsibilities held by WPS or the client, health and safety procedures, a list of gear that will be provided, estimated time frames and after-hours services to be expected on daily rates such as report writing and GPS mapping.

The client is usually expected to provide maps, radio, water transport if required, keys to buildings that need checking and a thorough description of any dangers that may be encountered while the dog team is at work.

leona bail odin wps

Rodent detection dogs are used for; presence/absence detection of rodents in pest-free areas, incursion responses (tracking and narrowing down individual rodent habitat) and trap placement, quarantine work on ships, vehicles, personal gear, equipment and structures, and aiding with surveillance/monitoring procedures. 

doc staff2
WPS dog handler working with Department of Conservarion staff on N. Brothers Island

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