Wildlife Protection Services NZ

Field Workers

Sub-contracting field workers

Wildlife Protection Services' staff are experienced field workers and can be sub-contracted or contracted to undertake; monitoring, (rodents, mustelids, possums) trapping, (rodents, mustelids, possums) track cutting and maintenance, camp ground maintenance, poisoning of rodents, mustelids, wild cats, possums and culling. They also have wildlife handling and extensive back-country experience. 

All required certificates and licences are held. 

When contracted to complete trapping/monitoring/track cutting/poisoning etc., a health and safety plan is available, and WPS will also provide personal safety equipment to its' staff. Including first aid kit, GPS, PLB and high visibility. A radio and other forms of communication, (excluding mobile phones) are usually provided by the project contracting the team, as well as the use of a Sirtracker.

track cutting

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