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Rodent Detection Commercial Service

“… A detection dog service affordable to the every-day business…”

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  • Getting a fully certified Rodent Detection Dog and handler to search an area can costs hundreds of dollars, but here with the Rodent Detection Commercial service we have an offer for businesses to make the most of our services for an affordable price.
  • As well as searching a premises with rodent detection dogs, we can also supply automatically resetting traps that we install on-site. These traps are re-baited and re-gassed every six months.
  • csm a24p2 38ee0fbf66These traps are the latest in self-resetting technology, making it an easy, toxin-free option to have installed at your business. They will be boxed for security and are child and pet proof, dead rodents caught by the trap will not be in public view. They do not require checking on a daily basis like some single-kill designs and they never miss the target. The awesome thing about these traps is that one device can kill multiple rodents in one night, compare that to your average single-kill trap…
  • Once the premises has been searched with the dogs, and all traps have been cleared, re-baited and re-gassed, and/or other rodent work has been undertaken, the client will receive an updated Detection Certificate acknowledging to the businesses clients that their premises has been extensively searched for the presence of rodents, and has passed a rodent detection dog inspection.
  • We understand that small, local businesses have only a certain amount of budget to undertake pest control at their premises. So with the Rodent Detection Commercial initiative we have come up with the ultimate service that does not come at a huge cost. Potentially avoiding the need to get an exterminator to chemically treat your building.

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