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Mana and Matiu/Somes Islands

On most occasions when the detection team depart Kapiti Island, they go straight to Mana and Matiu/Somes Island to continue the search for rats and mice.

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Mana island, off the west coast of Wellington, has been a Takahe haven for some time after the eradication of mice in 1989. Many other endangered species now live on the island, including Gold-striped gecko, Duvaucel's gecko, Cook strait giant weta and Brown Teal. As well as being a very important seabird breeding area, including three petrel species. Many thousands of trees have been planted there over the years by Community groups and the Departmanet of Conservation.

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Matiu/Somes island, located at the head of Wellington Harbour, is an important educational environment for many people visitng from the city.

The island also harbours the Tuatara and Giant Weta, as well as Red Crowned Kakariki. It also serves as a crucial breeding area for the Little Blue Penguin. The worlds' smallest penguin found through-out New Zealand waters.

Due to the many historic buildings scattered over the the small island, whenever the team visits much of their time is spent searching through these structures. Including the former animal quarantine centre that was shut down in 1995 and the buildings around it housing the re-newable power system.

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