Wildlife Protection Services NZ

Kapiti Island

Since May 2014, the rodent detection dog team have been involved with the Kapiti Island Nature Reserve by conducting twice-yearly surveys of the predator free sanctuary, as well as aiding in public awareness and publicity actioned by the Department of Conservation for the numerous schools and day-trippers visiting the island from the Kapiti Coast.


Kapiti is one of the most important strong-holds of numerous rare and endangered native New Zealand species, including the Little Spotted Kiwi, Saddleback (Tieke), Takahe, Kaka, Kokako, Hihi, Whitehead (Popokotea), Brown Teal and many more.

WPS have been involved with the monitoring of rats and mice on the island, staying from anywhere between 4 to 7 days to cover as much of the 2000 hactare island as possible. 

Kapiti is also a valuable tourism attraction to the area and school groups frequently visit the island. The dog team went to the sanctuary in mid December 2015 to promote and educate the effects and benefits of bio-security checks before arriving at the island. 


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